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Currently in production is our latest project, My Jewish Grandfather that I Wasn’t Supposed to Have.

Welat Productions has also co-produced Cûdîyê Miradan (Judi of the Wishes) in 2021, which received the Best Short Animation Award at the 12th Hamburg Kurdish Film Festival (12. Kurdisches Filmfestival Hamburg).

In 2019, I founded Welat Productions, a Paris-based production company committed to telling the stories of the ‘other.’ 

Welat Productions seeks to listen and document, and to share and understand. To tell the story of the “other” within new contexts and through new perspectives, and by so doing convey how each and every one of us is similar to the “other” in more ways than we think.

Previous Works

I wrote and directed two short films (Master Yusuf: From heart to stone; Weddings without grooms);

and served as the scriptwriter of two other documentaries on Mardin (Name of the stone: Midyat; Midyat: Source of eternal inspiration).

Other Projects

In 2021, I wrote the script for and featured in Jinns of Nusaybin, a documentary streamed by the Turkish content platform Exxen